Technology and Freelancing

We started from sign languages then scribing on stones to having visualize communication from different continents, human race, indeed, have come so far. And it continues to develop rapidly, as fast as we are growing it is safe to say that one day we will be able to teleport the human being from one part of the world to another, imagine witnessing Doremon ‘anywhere door’, how amazing that would be. Technology has revolutionized everything today, from the way we eat to the way we work. We could send the database and reports to our client in US from our comfortable couch in India. All thanks to the technology that is still evolving with such a great pace that it makes our daily chaos a lot easier, as it has broaden our horizons so much that basically all you need is a good internet connection and you can work from anywhere and anytime. However, this doesn’t have to wreck the idea of working in four-walled offices.

The beginning of the concept Work from home!

Somewhere between 18th to 19th centuries, industrial revolution introduced the concept of 9 to 5 work, later on with the improvement of technology the world was exposed with internet. Introduction of internet was such a revolutionary step that not only made the communication from far off destination a lot easier but also shrinks the geographical borders. This is the era of freedom to work anytime and anywhere; with national and international clients within your comfort zone. The concept of work from home is still meant to earn extra bucks and doesn’t consider or paid as much as full-time office going job. However, today in many countries freelancing pay you well enough to make it full-time career option.

Websites like that connects 3 million clients with over 9 million freelancers globally. Now you can start your business from your desk.

How work from home can be beneficial to all?

  • Health Benefits:

Work-life balance is far more prominent than anything else in life; one should know the key for happiness doesn’t really come from earning more money but how you spend it. Money is great but have you ever spend your time amidst of nature with your loved ones? More money means more work and that means more stress that leads to improper diet, poor lifestyle and more fatigue. A study has shown that employees who work from home have experienced 25% less stress and they have taken fewer sick leaves than office workers.

  • Employee Retention:

Working from home is not only beneficial for employees but also for the employer, think about all the money that will be saved on infrastructure, office space, technologies and other equipment’s. Employees are less likely to quite with the all the flexibility in timings, as it is easier to set your own time frame under the deadlines. And employer can save a hell lot of time and energy on advertisement, recruitment, interviews and hire every other day.

  •  Increased Productivity and Innovation:

A survey has shown that people who work from home are less likely to fall sick which means more productive and efficiently work done. Which is understandable since you are not disturbed by noises background, and away from office politics and vain fully long meetings? According to some, these meetings often do not encourage new ideas or emphasis on creativity.

Work from home is cool, but work in office is still a thing!

While there are plenty of pros for working from home but when it comes to sticking up to working hours many freelancer faces hard time, as you much as you feel distracted working in office there are pretty good chances to lose your focus working from home as well. A survey shows that workers who work from home are more satisfied and productive but at the same time they wished to work from office because of lack of face to face interaction with coworkers thus it gets lonely. Another survey conducted by Timehop when it closed it New York office for two weeks, employee reported to feel distracted working from home and many were not keen to work at all.

Where it is heading to?

‘Working from home has brighter future by the year 2020’ says 34% of the business leaders at a survey at the Global Leadership Summit in London. It is said that more than half of the workers would be working from home. For sure more of the people are opting out the option working from home, but that doesn’t cease the existence of the conventional brick-and-mortar offices, at least not any time soon.

Sara Sutten Fell, CEO of FlexJobs, a platform for job seekers, says, ‘that the mistake is thinking that working remotely, and working in an office, are either/or positions. “Most people think of remote work as 100%, all or nothing,” she says. “But the reality we see is that’s it’s not all or nothing.” Even though through technology freelancing is getting hike, it will be exciting to see how soon it can become a reality.

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