10 Best Free Article Submission Sites To Boost Traffic

If you are struggling blogger and looking for publishers that can help you get as many readers as you want then, you should definitely check out these websites that not only promotes your blog post but also helps you earn a few bucks. It’s great to have your own personalized website, but there is no harm in submitting your content to the other websites. This will definitely help in building up a vast audience. When you have your content published on a very renowned website with high PR the chances are you will be recognized worldwide, as it already has professional writers as well as millions of readers, so why not reach out for anticipated approval that too free of cost. These websites will give you a definite platform to explore and recognized by your work.

Here is the list of top ten websites where you can have help in popularizing your content and blog post. Just make sure you read all the terms and condition of a respective website before submitting your content.

Where Should You Submit Your Articles?

  1. eHow

eHow has the answer of all the how-to articles, this specific website helps in solving any issue related to articles from publishing to e-marketing. Most of the time people are in a dilemma and constantly looking for help from the Google, eHow probably the first link to pop up in the SERP (search engine return page).   This website accepts millions of articles and thousands of videos uploaded. So, remember ‘how to do…’ is the eHow’.


  1. Ezine


Ezine, popularly known as Electronic Magazine short to Ezine is an online magazine. Ezine is the most famous and popular online magazine, where writers submit their articles. The website accepts any business as well as personal purposes. Ezine is free to use, but there are certain terms and conditions that needed to imply. However, one can always go for the premium account where there is some additional cost.

  1. Squidoo

Squidoo, familiar with its cute squid-with-big-eye icon, Squidoo found in the ocean of the internet marketing area, its specialty is that it’s let you create your own website and create your own content. And mostly helps in promoting, developing and content managing services. Squidoo also encourages donations. If you are new to this field then you must check out what Squidoo has to offer.

  1. Hubpages

Hubpages lets you have numbers of followers, this platform, incorporates with the choice of your preferences and design accordingly. Hubpages is easy to use and have millions of visitors every day. If you post anything, it will assure reach a maximum number of followers that you did not expect. This could be useful to promote your website.

  1. Examiner

As comprehend it is, it only focuses on the news. When we use the search engine, this tool limited your search and display only the news based content. The SERP filters all kinds of research and shows the specific that related to news, the Examiner makes it all easy to use and we get our result according.

  1. Articlebase

Articlebase contains 26 categorical topics to choose from, there we get finance, investment, home, education, health, etc. to make it even more understandable, it comes in six languages, provided Portuguese, English, French, Russian, Spanish and Hebrew.

  1. Technorati

The Technorati is the search engine that everybody’s must have heard of. This one specified in searching for blogs and articles. Technorati holds over hundreds of blogs indexed and many bloggers first choice, numberless people is using Technorati to find the accurate content that they are looking for. As the name suggests the word Technorati is the combinations of two words Technology and liberty, which means engaging in facts and awareness.

  1. Article City

If you are a blogger or content writer there is no way that, you have not heard of Article city. The most popular and browsed, this website helps in browsing through millions of articles free. Nevertheless, free things which most liked or visited. If you are aiming to reach the vast audience that too with a blink of an eye, Article city is just the place for you. Your articles will read by the certain quality of the community, and best of all your articles will not be disclosed to anyone without the prior notice.

  1. Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is primarily a stock market analysis website, which keeps an eye on the American economy. Seeking Alpha does not approve all the articles; there are specific terms and conditions that needed to follow. You can get help from this website if you are in business, finances or running an industry. About 5 million users who are looking out for Seeking Alpha, only 50 percent of the total gets to have their articles published and they accept only 25 percent of new authors every day. The competitions are a little stiff, but with originality and uniqueness in your content, there is no stopping of success.

  1. Article Alley

Article Alley is the new trend in the market. It is to use and required minimal knowledge and technical skills to publish your content or blog. Currently, millions of authors are using this website for promoting their blog post. And with less of restraint your articles a can be published, as long as they are authentic, unique, engaging and of high quality. The next best thing about Article Alley so that your work will be recognized as the standard author. They have different ‘Author spotlight’ and ‘featured Articles’ section to make it more accessible. Article Alley counted in the top ten websites to publish your article or a blog post.

These websites are the just pro to help you out with your work. These websites are tending to be very helpful if you are a renowned author or fresh in this market. These websites redirect to the readers to make your work recognized worldwide, Hitting billions of the people per second. All you have to do is take your time and write an exquisite work of piece and hallelujah with the blink of an eye you have thousands of viewers.

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