What is Online Reputation Management Services?

Your reputation and standing in the digital ecosystem take the shape of brand perception and trust. We at Pryzm Media, the leading digital marketing services company in India, understand how detrimental bad PR can be to business prospects and organizational stability. Our services coalesce the best practices of ORM to tie it into your digital strategy to deliver reputation creation, repair, monitoring, and maintenance.

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Comprehensive Online Reputation Management services include

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    Reputation Repair

    We help mend online reputation problems by eliminating and curbing negative reviews, boosting brand image and creating an ecosystem of positive brand perception. Our ORM Experts can achieve all this and more!

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    Online Reputation Monitoring

    Our ORM services are not only remedial but also proactively preventive. We undertake constant digital vigil across reviews and social media comments on various platforms to identify any potential adversities and take preventive action immediately.

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    Removing Negative Coverage

    Trust us to undertake a comprehensive online cleansing for your brand by eliminating negative reviews, news stories and articles. Our ORM Experts excel at protecting your brand against all things negative.

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    Filtering Bad Reviews

    Being the Best ORM Company in India, we believe in tackling negative reviews and perceptions at nascent stages and sifting undesired content to leave your brand in a positive light.

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    Improve SERP

    We help your brand consistently ace the SERPs by boosting positive reviews and ratings and eliminating negative brand perception. We are passionate about ORM and it shows across our service offerings.

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    Removing Cheater Websites

    Brands unnecessarily suffer at the hands of bogus web pages that spread negative sentiment and dent brand perception. Trust the Best ORM Company in India to be proactively vigilant of cheater websites.


Our ORM services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Better Workforce

    Any employee worth his merit would prefer to associate themselves with a reputed, sound and trustworthy organization. The ORM Experts at Pryzm Media help curate a positive image for your brand among prospective & current employees and the community at large.

  • Improved Profitability

    Business opportunities and lasting partner relationships find their way to organizations that have an honest and reliable reputation among partners and suppliers alike. The best Online Reputation Management Experts in India will help you achieve just that.

  • Start on a Positive Footing

    Whether it is prospective clients, government relations or prospective suppliers, we would rather you start with your best foot forward with an impeccable reputation. Trust our ORM Experts in India to build one for you.

  • Reduced Brand Risk

    Companies with a dented online reputation are likely to attract further reputation issues, possible legal and business problems due to mistrust and lack of confidence. The Best ORM Company in India can help wipe out all reputational adversities.

  • Goodwill

    A sound online reputation translates to goodwill among the competition, employees, suppliers & partners, government agencies and the industry at large. We can build this ecosystem for your organization leveraging our Online Reputation Management Services in India.

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