What is SEO Services?

Brands gain tremendously from prospective clients organically discovering their webpage at the top of SERPs. Our SEO services achieve that and more by leveraging various facets of SEO optimization like powerful content, sound technology, data analytics, and comprehensive backlinks. Pryzm Media is the leading digital marketing company and that reflects across all our service engagements.

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Comprehensive SEO services include

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    Keyword Research

    Our industry audit and enterprise analysis help draw out keywords that empower your SEO strategy and are instrumental in striking the right chord with your prospective clients and digital audience.

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    Regular Blog Posts

    Pryzm Media 24/7 support is about maximizing service efficiency, resolving problems and driving continuous service improvement.

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    Competitive Analysis

    We help you leverage the digital platform to not only connect with global audiences but also recognize competition and being proactive in championing your market’s digital landscape using our thinktank.

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    Link Building

    Your SEO success is fuelled by the strength and soundness of your website’s backlinks. Being the best SEO Outsourcing company, nobody understands the nuances of link building better than us.

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    Website Optimization

    Organic searches can be optimally achieved only if your website’s technical framework is SEO friendly. Allow the SEO experts in India to infuse their technical expertise into your website’s optimization.

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    Google Penalty Recovery

    A true expert in SEO services in India can help you keep pace with changing algorithms, webmaster tools, web crawlers and the jigsaw that is Google Penalties. Why look beyond Pryzm Media?


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Reaching Local Customers

    While digital channels throw open networking avenues with global audiences, a sound SEO strategy must necessarily capture the fancy of local businesses, as several prospective clients primarily seek local associations. Our SEO services are local-friendly!

  • Reaching Mobile Customers

    More than 65% of Google searches are routed from mobile devices. As SEO experts in India, we are adept at leveraging the six-inch wonder in the palm of your hands to optimize your digital drive!

  • Greater Online Visibility

    From guest postings, blog sharing, social interactions, and third-party listings, we have got the works to put your brand out there on the digital pedestal! Our expertise in SEO in India goes beyond just website focus.

  • Lead Generation

    As the best SEO company in India, we strive to achieve higher lead generation across all our client engagements. We believe that a sound SEO strategy should work not only on aggressive outreach but also on eliciting brand intrigue culminating in lead generation.

  • Improved Conversions

    Numbers matter! Which is why, our collective SEO efforts are directed at audience attraction, customer creation, customer retention and complete brand association leading to top line growth. We partner with you throughout the conversion cycle with quantifiable benefits.

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