What is Email Marketing Services?

We deliver e-mail marketing campaigns that are crisp, relevant and action-oriented. It is indeed an art to encapsulate the essence of a business in a few words, something you can trust the digital marketing experts at Pryzm Media to deliver efficiently and extend the many benefits of sound e-mail marketing to your organization.

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Comprehensive Email Marketing services include

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    Subscribers Collection

    Trust the Best Email Marketing Services in India to drive brand curiosity deep into your target audience, illicit information interest and provide useful e-mail content consistently that helps your audience connect with your brand.

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    Automate Newsletters

    We design interesting and informative newsletter templates that reach your audience at pre-decided time intervals. Trust our Email Marketing Experts to ensure your audience stays connected with you always.

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    Contact Management

    The key to a successful e-mail marketing campaign is effective to contact management and list building. The best Email Marketing Experts in India can help you segment, characterize and manage your contacts effectively.

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    A/B split testing

    We leverage e-mail marketing tools such as Split testing in our strategy as we understand the importance of observing audience reactions. We tweak our approach and tactics to achieve desired results by choosing the right campaign.

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    Analytics and reporting

    Our performance reporting measures and KPIs make sure all e-mails campaigns are result oriented and quantifiable. We would love to demonstrate the value addition our Email Marketing Services bring to your brand.

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    Spam filters

    Our E-mail marketing experts beat the spam filters by leveraging e-mail marketing best practices such as avoiding URL shortens, achieving the right link to text ratio and a whole lot more to boost your campaign’s success.


Our Email Marketing Services services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Reach Interested Audience

    Our e-mail marketing strategy focuses on connecting with the right audience and engaging them continually to convert them brand loyalists. Nobody understands that better than our Email Marketing Experts.

  • Deliver Targeted Messages

    It is important to leverage the content available in an e-mail to communicate effectively with your audience and put your best foot forward. Let our Email Marketing Services demonstrate how.

  • Reach A Global Audience

    The biggest advantage of digital marketing campaigns is the comprehensive audience reach it facilitates. Our e-mail marketing campaigns help your brand develop lasting relationships with global audiences.

  • Instant Impact

    The power of e-mails is its timely communication and instant interactions between the receipt and the brand. As an Email Marketing Services Company in India, we make this instant impact work for your business.

  • High Conversion Chances

    If your e-mail marketing campaign is targeted at the right audience, with powerful, action-oriented content, be assured that it is going to be one of your strongest tools of lead generation and client conversion.

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