PHP development services for business

PHP is a popular server-side programming language that is adopted by leading global organizations to script their digital imprint. It has been evolving consistently, supporting the changing trends in web development. Lauded for its cost-effectiveness and memory facilities, PHP is arguably the most sought after web development framework irrespective of domain specifications.

We at Pryzm Media house a passionate and skilled bunch of PHP developers who are adept at delivering dynamic and responsive world-class open-source applications. The PHP language offers benefits of flexibility, scalability, and ease of usage, all of which and more our PHP development experts extend to your webpage. Having worked extensively in PHP development, we possess the expertise of synchronizing your PHP framework with various internet applications such as AJAX, MooTools, HTML5, JavaScript among many others.

We would be happy to understand your requirements and structure a comprehensive PHP development project for your webpage leveraging our knowledge and experience in the field. Our innovative project management techniques uphold timelines and service quality, ensuring customer delight.


Our PHP Services Include

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    CakePHP Development

    We fashion CakePHP solutions that are rapid development frameworks, allowing you to reflect business progress on your digital homepage with minimized effort and economic outlay than other server-side applications.

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    CMS Development

    A PHP powered content management solution is ideal for growing businesses, start-ups and established enterprises due to efficient and quick-paced content management& control for digital solutions in varied industries.

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    Open Source Solutions

    Coalesce the principles of the PHP framework with WordPress, Drupal and other open source tools to derive the benefits of time, cost efficiency and flexibility for your scalable website across various domains.

Aside of the above, we can meet your requirements in PHP Application Migration, E-Learning Software, PHP Integration, PHP for E-commerce, Database Management Systems, PHP for Accounting and various other domains.

Why Hire Us?

The web development industry is displaying trends of accelerated growth due to the necessity for all businesses worth their money to go digital. In such a landscape, it is important that you choose a web development partner that understands your enterprise structure, website requirements, and digital goals. We are passionate about extending to you the best PHP development services by way of our differentiated offerings:

  • Solid and scalable PHP frameworks for your web page
  • We bring our diverse knowledge of various technologies and applications to help you leverage the most from your PHP asset
  • We are skilled at PHP application integrations with various digital frameworks
  • Trust us to maintain domain dynamics and industry trends central to your website’s framework
  • Price sensitive solutions that can fit comfortably into your digital outlay
  • Comprehensive QA and testing exercises to provide reliable support and post-rollout maintenance

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started