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How Digital Marketing In India Has Evolved Over the Last Decade

Social media management, PR & advertising campaigns and all other digital marketing services in India don’t look the same as they did a decade ago. The world of the web has evolved dramatically in the last 10 years and so did the digital marketing practices.

To keep up with the pace it is quintessential every business should embrace the change as this expanded horizon opens a new window of opportunities.

With the rise of social media where social media users instantly reacted to current issues, trends switched swiftly and even governments started using Twitter for official dialogues with the masses, digital marketing went on a speedy journey over the decade.

A decade ago social media management and digital marketing practices were much more simple, and not as aggressive as today.

With an exponentially growing number of internet users and information-specific codes on all the websites, digital marketing isn’t limited to just reaching a wider audience but penetrating it deeper to ensure our brand reaches the right audience and to improve ROI.

Here we have some research that tells how the entire model of digital marketing and social media campaigns has evolved.

Evolution of Digital Marketing in India – What Works In 2022

  • The less is more: Gone are the days when people would read a 1000-word long motivational post on Facebook, or watch a detailed video of a product review, everything snaps and vanishes in seconds now. According to research done by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information, the average human attention span has dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to 2 seconds in 2022. Doesn’t matter if you have worked hard on devising a great social media campaign, if you want attention from the users it should work in the first three seconds.
  • Content is more powerful now: As quoted by Uncle Ben, “with great power comes great responsibility,” with a gigantic expansion in user base and abundance of content, the responsibility of coping with the shortened attention span has fallen on the shoulders of content writers and graphic designers. To plan, schedule and design great content for all the upcoming events in your content bank is one of the best digital marketing practices.
  • Trends move faster: The trends move much faster and reach every nook and corner in a matter of seconds. The digital marketing agencies have to observe and follow every single thing happening over the internet, you never know what can turn into a new sensation.
  • Things go viral: Be it a quirky one-liner from a web series, a tiny funny thing, or a slapstick meme, things go viral easily and digital marketers ‘have to’ address these as a marketing tactic which would have sounded nonsensical a few years ago. Even government-owned agencies like SBI, LIC, and Maharashtra Police can be seen posting meme stuff on their official handles, you better be more watchful to cash the next.

Tools are more powerful now: The algorithms and codes are more powerful now as they are fetching more accurate information about the users. With this information, you can target a more accurate audience that is actually interested in your brand or can be potential customers of your product. A few years back you had limited options to target the audience in Facebook Ad campaigns or Google Adwords, as things have changed now you can be more specific about your requirements. Staying updated with the tools is the best way to nail a digital marketing campaign.

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